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Dear friends and followers,

After a longer period of silence we are finally back! The last two years have been incredibly eventful and exciting:

When carzapp was founded in the warm summer of 2012 we wanted to use our keyless access technology „ZappKit“ to revolutionize private carsharing. Soon we set up a private carsharing platform and started testing our device in practice.

Unfortunately it was already in 2014 when we had to let go of our initial idea. Remember 2014 was the year of the process against  the peer2peer carsharing platform „Autonetzer“ and the peer2peer shuttle service „Uber“. The legal situation with reference to private carsharing which had already been unsure in 2012 now became too explosive to continue– especially for a just founded Startup.

Although our first business idea did not work out we believed in our baby – the ZappKit. Therefore quitting was never an option. So we started rethinking our concept and finally switched from being a peer2peer platform to exclusively selling our technology to business partners.

The new strategy worked out very well. Sooner than we had  imagined we signed our first contracts with well established companies like entega and EnBW to help them with their corporate fleet management.

Thanks to our crowded sales pipeline and strong partners we are growing fast – this month we hired two new employees which makes us now a team of 11 people. And we are already planning a new crowd funding round for summer 2015!

Since we are now mainly dealing with business clients and heading for the international market, we decided to completly relaunch our blog. Prospectively we will use it to discuss and comment the freshest issues of the automotive industry and especially the world of connected car.

So if you already have an topic in mind that should be discussed here, we are looking forward to read from you.

Have a nice day and stay tuned!

Sincerly yours, the carzapp team.


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